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Installing custom dirt bike graphics is a job dreaded by all motocross and enduro riders, but there are a few handy tips that make it much less of a headache.

In this guide, we highlight four hacks for applying a motocross graphics kit.

Start with the easy stuff: Our number one hack for installing dirt bike graphics is starting with the easy stuff - this doesn't matter if you're an experienced veteran or a complete beginner. By starting on the easy stuff, such as the front number plate, you can get into the groove of installing graphics and learn the process while minimising the risk of ruining something. Once you've mastered the easy stuff, it's time to move onto the more complex parts of the decals.

Use a credit card: The pros will use something called an 'applicator' tool, but chances are, you don't have one of those in your toolbox. Thankfully, we all have a credit card, bank card, or drivers licence, which can act as an applicator tool and prevent bubbling in the motocross graphics. You'll want to use the card to press down on the graphics as your applying them to your plastics, pressing and moving down on the dirt bike graphics kit as you peel the paper backing.

Cut backing into sections: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it will make a world of difference when throwing your fresh graphics kit on. Cut the backing paper up into sections, but ensure you don't cut too deep that it slices the MX graphics kit itself. This allows you to line-up the MX decals on the plastics while doing a section at a time.

Heat after installing: Most riders think the key to applying motocross decals is by heating them as you install, but the pros actually heat after installing the dirt bike stickers. This allows the adhesive to activate, meaning your MX sticker kit will stay stuck to your plastics for longer and be much more durable and long-lasting.

This article was originally published at MXstore Blog"

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