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Trail Riding Holidays

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 As dedicated off-road riders with over 35 years of experience between us, we've had the good fortune of transforming our passion for travel and working with people into a successful career,  we are also incredibly privileged to have guided clients from all over the world on our tours, 

we love to show a different side of Spain to our clients and to help them gain a better and deeper understanding of the real Spain, If you’d like to tour with us, please get in touch so we can start creating the perfect itinerary for you.

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If you’re looking for a truly unique off-road motorcycle trail riding holidays in Spain, You've found it, take one of our off-road tours. And you’ll discover the most amazing adventures you can have on two wheels, and take in the most amazing scenery that will leave you wanting more, Just contact us and let us take care of all the details, we supply everything you need,
You will enjoy riding on some of the most amazing terrain available to us here in sunny Spain, our very experienced guides will pick the trails to compliment your off-road experience,  all the  equipment you need will be provided for you, including off-road motorcycle, riders personal protective equipment, fuel, accommodation, and a cooked breakfast on ride days,

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Dirt Bike Holidays

Trail Riding Holidays In Spain

you can look forward to a fantastic Dirt Bike Holiday that will include many pleasurable stops along the way. Each and every itinerary that we design includes the following: 


  • Local Culture
    Overseas holidays may be all about sunbathing and nightlife as far as some people are concerned. However, for others, their greatest appeal is the chance they offer to spend time getting to know a different culture, a different way of life. , you can and will have plenty of time to immerse yourself in the local culture with Dirt Bike Holidays.

  • Local Cuisine
    Exploring foreign cuisines is great fun. We make sure that the stopping points on our tours include some of the best spots in Spain for great-food tasting.  A light lunch is recommended but there is nothing to stop you from indulging your passion for fine food to the full in the evenings, and we have some of the finest restaurants in Andalusia in our local village

  • History
    Dirt Bike Holidays tours feature many places of historic interest, in both rural and urban settings. Getting to know a different culture is much easier when you have a sense of history on which to base your impressions of the different lifestyles and traditions you encounter on your journeys.

  • Fantastic Scenery
    One of the biggest attractions of Dirt Bike Holidays Trail riding holiday packages, at least as far as we can tell from the feedback we have received over the years; are the scenic routes that we have chosen. From expansive views over the verdant countryside to stunning mountain views that evoke the rich history of Spain, you can look forward to a visual banquet for the eyes on each of our tours.

  • Challenging Terrain

  •  If you opt for one of our tougher  tours, you will have the chance to tackle a little more challenging terrain during your holiday (And we mean just that Challenging not life-threatening) Spanish Tours