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Trail Riding Holidays In Spain

A Typical Day At Dirt Bike Holidays

A typical riding day at Dirt Bike Holidays starts with a cooked breakfast at around 9.15am after a hearty breakfast, we get kitted up and meet at the bikes for a quick introduction to the bikes you will be riding on the Spanish trails, together with a few riding tips for any off-road novices, we aim to get started by 10am, and you will be riding for around 4 hours each day, after the introductions its off we go, on day one it starts off with some nice easy trails for the first hour and a half or so before a quick coffee stop, after coffee its back on the trails, the trails will be picked according to your level of fitness and off-road ability by your guide, before heading  back to base usually around 2-2.30pm where you will find a complementary light lunch and refreshments waiting for you, after lunch it's a case of what ever you wish to do lounge around the pool and bar area, or you could go out exploring the amazing sights Spain has to offer, or you could opt for a siesta (afternoon nap) before heading down to a local restaurant  in the evening to sample some amazing Spanish cuisine, or maybe a pizza, or even some good old English fish and chips your choice, then its back to base for a good nights sleep ready for the next day's adventures on completely different trails.

The Wind Turbines Tour

Depending on the rider's ability and fitness this incredible guided trail riding tour can be between 85km and 150km this tour has the most breathtaking scenery and terrain, climaxing 2,170 metres above sea level with stunning views of Sierra Nevada,s snow-capped mountain, this tour is usually taken on your last day.

Fully Guided: Motorcycle Trail Riding Holidays In Spain

Wind Turbines Route
The Guys At Dirt Bike Holidays

The Stunning Lake Tour

Our amazing lake tour at around 130km it takes in some of the best trails and tracks in Andalusia, this trail riding tour climaxes at the lakes with its breathtaking scenery, again the routes depend on the rider's off-road experience and fitness, your guide will take you on the most suitable routes available for your experience and ability, this tour is usually taken on your second days ride with us .

Amazing dirt Bike Holidays In Spain 

Adventure & Experience

The Golf Course Tour

This tour takes in some amazing terrain, you will be riding through an old abandoned golf course with some great trails and routes through it , again the actual route through depends on the riders experience and ability, but for scenery, the climax is at the top of the mountains in Rosario with breathtaking views, this tour is usually taken on your first days ride with us, and is around 125km  

Insane off Road Motorcycle trail riding In Spain 

Water crossing

Adventure Awaits

Riding with Dirt Bike Holidays

The Iznajar Tour

This tour takes in some amazing terrain, you will be riding through dense forest areas olive groves and many deep ruts this is one of our favourite trails and will leave you with a smile on your face, there are also some breathtaking views, this tour is usually taken on your second or third days ride with us, and is around 125km  

We Supply Everything You Need To Have A Great Time With Us In Spain


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Dirt Bike Holidays provide the best trail riding holidays in Spain

Please note, If you are looking for a nice ride out in the stunning Spanish countryside, taking in the breathtaking views and riding on some terrific terrain, at speeds that suit your experience and ability and not risking your life at every turn, and to sample the amazing Spanish culture, then this is the holiday for you,  WE DO NOT! Ride around Andalucía tearing up the countryside, so if you are looking for an extreme off-road trail riding holiday this is not the holiday for you, If you can leave your ego at home  please Click Here to get in touch.

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