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Don't Get Caught Out When Its Time To Sell Your Dirt Bike

When it comes to selling dirt bikes, there's a lot to consider from where and how you advertise your bike, all the way through to making sure you and your bike are safe from brazen thieves in the process. We highlight six tips that will promote the chances of selling your bike, as well as doing it in a safe manner.

When it comes to selling dirt bikes, there's a lot to consider from where and how you advertise your bike,
Don't Get Caught Out When Its Time To Sell Your Off Road Bike

Take good photos: One of the first things to selling your dirt bike is to take good photos - prospective buyers are going to be more enticed and engaged with your classified ad if you have clean and clear photos, and a large selection of them. Use a plain backdrop, like a brick wall, and remember to get multiple shots of the bike, including numerous angles and anything noteworthy.

Be aware of your photo backgrounds: This tip is so important that it needs its own place in this article. When your taking photos of your bike, don't do it in front of your house or in the street, where opportunist thieves can get an indication of where you live - all you need is a street a sign or car in the background, and even just something noticeable in front of your house, that could essentially give away your address.

Write a descriptive description: There's nothing worse when you're a buyer than looking at a potential deal, but the description is simply the model of the bike and the number of hours it has. It means you have to ask more questions and the process just becomes more complicated. Make your description descriptive - include details of its life and service history, any notable parts or modifications, and even any damage or things to look out for. This will engage potential buyers and can bring more leads to selling your bike.

Meet at a safe and neutral location: Where possible, always meet at a safe and neutral location to sell your bike - somewhere in the public eye, such as a service station or shopping centre car park. This way you don't have to give out your address, so if the sale doesn't go through, you don't have to worry about getting possibly getting broken into that night. Many motocross and off-road bike thefts in Australia happen through riders selling their bikes, and this is one way they work. If you can't meet outside at a service station or shopping centre, try your workplace if it's appropriate and you have the permission to do so.

Trust your intuition: It's easy to take on every lead when you're selling a motorbike, as you're just eager to get rid of it so you can quickly pick up your new dirt bike. But not every lead is worth it - if something doesn't feel right about a person, or they're acting suspicious or asking you suspicious questions, it's okay to withdraw from discussions or negotiations. You have to be vigilant when it comes to selling your dirt bike, and trusting your gut instinct could save you some hassles.

Don't go alone: Our last tip for selling your dirt bike is don't do it alone! Take someone with you if you're meeting a neutral location, as an extra person is not only good for your safety, but it could also intimidate or spook would-be thieves. Also ensure you don't allow test rides unless you have the full amount of cash in hand.

This article was originally published at MXstore Blog"


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