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We've been all there as beginner dirt bike riders, and as we've come to learn, you're always learning in motocross and enduro.

There are plenty of mistakes to be made along the way, and we've narrowed down three that are more common than others amongst new riders.

Starting on the wrong bike: One of the most common things we see with new motocross and enduro riders is starting on the wrong bike. It's all too often to see a beginner trying to hang off the back of a 250 two-stroke and 450 four-stroke, and they're either continually crashing or look like their in a major struggle. It's always best to start with a smaller engine capacity bike when you're first getting started, as it will allow you to learn how to control the bike, making for much safer and enjoyable riding.

Poor body positioning: Body positioning is something you'll learn with time, but it is a mistake most beginner riders make. Poor body positioning generally includes having your elbows, sitting and standing at the incorrect times and positions, as well as incorrect form on the controls and a lack of balance. All of these things can be solved with some coaching, which we highly recommend to make you a safer and more skilled dirt bike rider.

Holding on too tight: This also comes under body positioning and form, but it's so common, it deserves its own spot. Most beginner off-road riders will hold on for their life when they're riding, which usually results in getting tired and sore arms that control the bike. Experienced riders will tell you to grip with your legs, which allows you to control the bike while not having to hold on too tight.

This article was originally published at MXstore Blog"

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