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Dirt Bike Holidays guide to winter prep

Preparing you and your bike for the cooler months?​How good is winter! Not only an epic time to ride but with the change of climate & terrain it's also a good time to stop and make sure you and your bike are prepared and ready to roll out to the track or trails in the best condition (as well as keep both yourself and your bike protected with whatever gets thrown your way!) Here are a few bike maintenance tips, along with our suggestions on how to make the most of your winter riding.

1. Fuel Stabalisers: Fuel stabilisers protect the fuel system against rust and corrosion while also preventing the gummy build-up, saving you a blocked or leaking fuel system. It also preserves the life of your fuel and ensures an easy start after long periods of storage without having to drain and replace your fuel.

2. FRESH FLUIDS: It's always a good idea to flush all of your fluids and replace them to protect your beloved dirt bike from potential damage especially coming into winter. Engine and gearbox oil: Having the correct weight and viscosity engine and gearbox oil is important when riding in hotter or cooler weather. Incorrect oil will increase wear on your engine and on your wallet, so refer to your owner's manual to find the correct oil to run in your current weather conditions. Brake and clutch fluid Is"hydroscopic" which in a nutshell means super absorbent - brake fluid absorbs the moisture in the air, lowering the boiling point of the fluid. It is crucial to flush your brake fluid on a regular basis to reduce the chances of losing feeling in your brakes. A brake bleed kit makes quick work of replacing your brake fluid. Coolant: The purpose of coolant is to keep your engine at optimal running temperature however, it can't do that when it's frozen from the cooler temperatures. Replacing your coolant will ensure you don't do any damage to your engine because your cooling system wasn't up to scratch.

3. BIKE PROTECTION: Winter usually brings condensation on rides (along with sleety/gritty and muddy conditions) which can get into the nooks and crannies of your bike and cause corrosion and rust. There's a tonne of different products (depending on the types of riding you do) but the list of protective parts for your bike include; handguards, bash/skidplates, radiator braces and sleeves, clutch & Ignition protectors,pipe guards, fork seal savers & front disc guards.

4. GOGGLE LENS:Dual lens goggles help prevent fogging (due to condensation) on your ride. We like to call this the "foggle" effect. When your vision is impacted, your safety is too! Keep that in mind.

4. Hand covers and heated grips and are the best things to have in winter, they provide safer, more enjoyable riding in cooler conditions! Hand covers from Ballard's come in two different styles (Type A and Type B) and provide warmth and protection to your once exposed, freezing hands. heated grips will keep your hands warm and help heat your entire body - it's amazing but true! The Ballard's grip heaters are perfect if you want to use a particular style of grip or you can buy the Oxford heated grips which come as a complete grip assembly

5. GLOVES:Choosing suitable cold weather-specific gloves makes a world of difference on the bike - you can actually feel your hands! Brands like the 100% brisker cold weather gloves and the seven zero cold weather gloves are some of our favourites. Also, a pair of Kevlar under gloves are awesome for keeping your hands warm and reducing blisters at the same time!

6. BALACLAVA/NECK WARMERS:Both balaclava's and neck warmers make a massive difference in keeping the cold at bay on those early morning rides. There are a few different options available to keep your neck and head toasty warm

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