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When it comes to riding cross-country and enduro events, there are a number of parts and gear you'll need to properly set-up yourself for the gnarly conditions you're about to throw yourself into.

We've narrowed down six key products that will get you adequately equipped for enduro riding or racing.

Handguards: Handguards are one of the first things enduro riders install on their dirt bike. You have the option of traditional handguards, which are often used by enduro racers, or wrap-around handguards, such as Barkbusters. The wrap-around handguards prevent your hands and controls from clipping trees and shrubs, while they also prevent snapping levers in the of a crash. Either way you go, handguards are a must!

Oversized fuel tank: An oversized fuel tank isn't a necessity, as it depends on how long your typical enduro rides are, and you may even find your bike has already come with one as standard. However, they are incredibly handy in ensuring you get through your entire enduro ride or race, and add a bit of extra peace of mind that you won't get stuck out in the middle of the bush.

Mousse tubes: Mousse tubes are another must-have for enduro riding. Almost every off-road rider and racer has moose tubes fitted on their motorbike, as they essentially rule out the chance of getting a flat tyre - very handy for when you're riding in some gnarly, rocky conditions!

Toolbag: As most of us know, anything can and will happen when you're riding dirt bikes. That's why it's why to ride with a small tool bag - either fitted to your bike or secured to yourself - where you can pack small and essential tools. You don't need much, but it could just be enough to get you out of trouble and get you home.

Hydration pack: Staying hydrated is incredibly important, and a hydration pack is the perfect way to keep your fluids up while being out on the trails for hours on end. Hydration packs come in different sizes, and are designed to unobtrusive while ripping up hills and dodging trees.

Bash plate: Just like protecting yourself is incredibly important, so is protecting your bike. You won't find an enduro rider without a bash plate fitted their trail bike. A bash plate offers superior protection to the bottom of the engine and of course the frame, which is essential when you're smashing through rocks and hopping logs.

This article was originally published at MXstore Blog"

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